Centennial Cookbooks and Coins now available

Centennial Cookbooks are now on sale at City Hall for $15, Centennial Coins for $1 and South Beloit Centennial Books […]

New ordinance regarding removal of snow and ice from sidewalks

Please be advised Ordinance 2244 was passed by Council on January 3, 2017 regarding the removal of snow and […]

Ice Rink now open at City Park

Enjoy some frosty fun on the ice rink at South Beloit City Park. This outdoor rink is open for public […]

Primecast Foundry Parcel Cleanup Project

Environmental cleanup work will be conducted at the former Primecast Foundry Parcel site in November and December 2016.  The work […]

Open Burning Period for South Beloit Oct 1-Dec 4, 2016

The open burning period for yard waste in South Beloit has been set for October 1 through November 13, 2016.

Residents […]

South Beloit City Park has new sports courts

South Beloit City Park now has 3 tennis courts, 2 pickleball courts, and a basketball court for people to enjoy.
All […]

Centennial Plans Revealed for August 2017

South Beloit is celebrating our 100th birthday in 2017! We have planned a four day celebration that will take place […]

You’re Invited to Join South Beloit Centennial Planning Meetings

In less than a year, South Beloit will be throwing the party of the Century!  Please join us in our […]

Heat UP Illinois program needs nominees in South Beloit

“Neighbors helping neighbors.” The motto for the Heat UP Illinois program is so appropriate: This program asks you to nominate […]

Special Council Meeting to be held regarding Code of Ordinances regulating signs

A Special Council Meeting will be held in August to discuss the City of South Beloit’s Code of Ordinances regulating […]